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  • Feb 2016
    In 2016, Yankang annual sales past $21,000,000.00.
  • May 2015
    In Mar.2015,Yankang overcome a lot of technical difficulties and developed the biggest 20000L-4 and 25000L-4 layers blow molding machine in the world. Yankang innovated mold exchange system solved the large mold exchange problems.
  • Feb 2014
    In 2014, Yankang already sold machines to 31 countries, all customers are the biggest manufacturer in each country, YANKANG blow molding machine is occupied more than 60% of international market.
  • Dec 2013
    In 2013, Yankang made the first 10000L-3 layers and 2000L-5 layers machine.
  • Dec 2012
    In 2012, Yankang developed YK2000L-4 layers,YK5000L-2 layers blow molding machine. Yankang became the biggest water tank blow molding machine manufacturer in China, and “YANKANG” became the most famous brand in the international market.
  • May 2011
    In May, Yankang started manufacturing blowing molds which is the first one to manufacture machine and molds together.
  • Feb 2011
    In 2011, Yankang developed YK1000L-3 layers blow molding machine and YK2000L-3 Layers machine which is the first one in the large blow molding machine field.
  • Dec 2010
    Dec of 2010, Yankang was achieved transition from small blow molding machine into large blow molding machine.
  • Aug 2009
    In August of 2009, Yankang was made partnership with Sintex which is the biggest water tank manufacturer in India.
  • Apr 2009
    Qingdao Yankang Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd was registered in Apr of 2009.
  • Mar 2007
    Qingdao Yankang Plastic Machinery factory was founded in Mar of 2007.