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YanKang Attend The 12th International Exhibition of IRANPLAST
24 Sep 2018

The 12th International Exhibition of IRANPLAST is held from September 24 to 27, 2018.Qingdao Yankang Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd was invited to attend the exhibition.


Here is the truth.


IRANPLAST is one of the largest and most important exhibitions in Iran, in the fields of Raw Materials, Machinery & Moulds, Auxiliaries and Services for Plastics & Rubber industries, as well as, one of the most magnificent ones in the Middle East region and Asia.


Historically,IRANPLAST has had a growing trend from the very first edition in 2002. Since then, more than 5000 companies from Iran and other countries have participated at such a great exhibition event.


The first 5 editions of IRANPLAST were organized annually but from the 6th session, it became a biennale exhibition, in order to enhance its quality, structure and organization.


IranPlast 2017 is held under the condition that while in the 11th Iran Plast more than 1100 Iranian and non-Iranain companies had participated in this exhibition and more than 36,000 trade and public visitors had visited this show.


As an exhibitor at the 12th Iran exhibition (24-27 September 2018), Yankang is looking forward to working with visitors from around the world.


As the largest water tank blow molding machine manufacturers in China, Yankang Plastic Machinery will show visitors the new technology of various water tank blow molding machines.


Such as:


1.FOAM LAYER Foam layer as a new innovation which can increase the wall thickness.


2.INDUCTION HERTERSInduction heaters for die head and extruder can save 40-50% energy.


3.SERVO MOTORServo motor for clamping system which can save 40% energy.


4.REMOTE SERVICE:Easier to check machine running conditions, cycle times, output,reminding for machine maintenance. Real-time monitoring is convenient for supplier to check the machine faulty and judge the machine problems.


Of course, that's only a small part of it.For more information about the Yankang blow molding machine, visitors can visit the Yankang booth or visit the